total time: 14-16 minuteshard-boiled-eggs-horiz-800



  1. fill a pot with water and place eggs into the pot. make sure all the eggs are completely submerged in water.
  2. heat the eggs on high and wait for the water to boil.
  3. once the water starts boiling, cover and turn the heat down to low.
  4. boil for 11-13 minutes, depending on how cooked you want the yolk.  (i think i cooked the eggs for 12 minutes.)
  5. when there’s about a minute left for the eggs to cook, prepare an ice bath for the eggs.
  6. scoop the eggs out of the hot water and transfer to the ice bath and let eggs cool for at least 10 minutes.
  7. either peel right away or refrigerate eggs for later. (i tried both with the same batch of eggs and the shells came right off both ways.)


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