pickle me this

May 9, 2011

i finally finished the last pickle in a 80 fl. oz. container that’s been sitting in our fridge since after our honeymoon and was about to pour the brine out when i thought, “what am i doing?! i’m chinese and should not be wasting this tasty pickle juice. i could probably use this to pickle other vegetables.” so of course, i googled it and i was right.

there were lots of suggestions; the main ones that i thought were feasible and that i would enjoy eating were obviously cucumbers and surprisingly carrots. (to find out what other creative suggestions are out there, google it yourself =)

i then bought and partially peeled and sliced 4 cucumbers into long sticks and cubed some carrots (which i should’ve cut the same way i did with the cucumbers… i wasn’t thinking, i guess) and shoved them into the plastic container.

i waited two weeks for them to soak up those wonderfully sour pickle juices which was excruciating because just like anyone else, i don’t like waiting and for two weeks for that matter. i finally got to try them a couple of days ago and was quite satisfied that the cucumbers tasted great. i couldn’t taste any brine in the carrots, but i could taste it on the carrots. the carrot cubes were too thick to soak anything up.

notes to self: cut carrots into long sticks next time. and peel the cucumbers a little more to reveal more cucumber flesh, so they’ll be even more delicious 🙂


2 Responses to “pickle me this”

  1. jp said

    or you could make your own w/ sugar and vinegar. my mom taugh me. it’s a bit more potent b/c not reused brine; same veggies, sliced long way. you don’t need to cut off the skin at all on the cumcumbers. soak for 48 hours and yum-O!!!

    did you add thyme? how was that like? i wonder what it’ll be with mint leaves? 🙂

  2. eatfeat said

    i don’t like that much skin on the cucumbers… it was kinda tough. maybe the vinegar in your brine makes the skin softer… i’ll have to get your recipe !

    i didn’t add anything to the brine… just tossed the vegetables in.

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